Permission Letter

Permission letter are required for Afghan national’s holding a British passport, travel document or travel certificate. If an applicant’s place of birth is outside Afghanistan in their non-Afghan passport, then he/she does not require a permission letter they will need to apply for an Afghanistan visa.  

How to Apply

  1. Download and Fill in the Application Form
  2. Prepare the required documents
  3. Visit the consulate and apply in-person  

Required documents

  • Passport
  •  Travel document, Travel certificate along with UK visa
  • Tazkira
  • Proof of address
  • One standard passport size photos
  •  Original or Copy of Tazkera of your immediate family members, such as father, grandfather or brother.
  • Please Bring all your original documents and its COPIES (We do not have photocopy facility here)



Processing Time

        Same day

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