Passport Extension

UK Applicants Only

To apply for an Extension of your Afghan ePassport at the Embassy of Afghanistan in London please read the following instructions;

Please note: Old hand-written passports can not be extended.

How to Apply

In PersonApplicant must be present at the consulate section while applying.

  1. Prepare the required documents, see below
  2. You do not need to book appointment, Just walk in between 9:30 and 14:00 at the consulate section.

Required documents

  1. Bring your ePassport – Machine-readable passport (Old hand-written passports can not be extended)
  2. Duly completed and signed Passport Application Form
  3. One standard passport size photos
  4. Original MoFA Attested Tazkera
  5. Proof of Address- Bank Statement, Bills etc
  6. UK visa/BRP card and it’s photocopy
  7. Please Bring all your original documents and it’s COPIES


  • 5 Years – £150
  • We do not accept cash payments- CARD ONLY

Processing Time

  • Same Day

Contact Us

  • Email
  • Telephone: +44 207 584 4443

Important Information

  • Surname: Stating Surname/Family Name is compulsory
  • Place of Birth: Applicants must carefully fill in the [Place of Birth] field, as your ID’s place of issue may vary from your place of birth.
  • Photo: The applicant’s photo must be recent and with a White Background and the Photo Size must be 4 x 4.5 or American standard size. For photo size and description, click here
  • Height: Applicants should state their exact height in centimetres (CM)
  • Application Form: The applicant must complete the application form in black ink-pen and in BLOCK LETTERS.
  • Signature: The applicants must ensure their Signature is within the box when signing the application form, it also must not be touching the edges of the box or running out of the box.
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