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Investing in Health Services

This sector has also developed a lot in the past decade. According to the official statistics, there are about 153 government and 252 private hospitals. Besides, there are 411 comprehensive health centers, 932 basic health centers, 854 health sub centers and up to 1,700 laboratories. The health service provision of the public sector has improved and private sector has also forayed into hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical industries. Existing investment is unable to meet local health service needs and medicinal demand. More than USD 300 million flows out of Afghanistan in pursuit of medical treatments annually. More than USD 800 million worth of pharmaceuticals are imported annually. These huge outflows from the country are demands for health services, which can be met through investing in the following areas:

  • Medical complexes/hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Standard laboratories
  • Medical equipment and tools manufacturing
  • Standard pharmacies/medicine stores (trained doctors?)



PPP Candidate Jinnah Hospital

The Jinnah 200-Bed General Hospital, located in District # 13 of Kabul, is being constructed through a USD 18 million donation from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The hospital will provide high-quality secondary and tertiary health services to approximately 5 million Kabul city residents and will serve as a referral resource for Afghanistan’s provinces. The scope of services will include gynecology, pediatrics, medical and surgical services, intensive care, emergency services, as well as social services, diagnostic services, and such auxiliary services as a blood bank, ambulance, and mortuary. Jinnah Hospital is actively operating in Kabul

PPP Candidate Jamhuriat Hospital

Jamhuriat General Hospital is a 200-bed, 10-story facility in District #2 of Kabul, constructed and equipped by the Peoples’ Republic of China. The MoPH’s vision for Jamhuriat General Hospital entails using the existing building and site to establish a tertiary referral and teaching hospital under a PPP agreement. The scope of services provided will be based on healthcare demand and epidemiological studies conducted by the MoPH, as well as academic and research initiatives with various domestic and international partners.

PPP Candidate Sheikh Zayed Hospital

The Sheikh Zayed 100-bed Mother & Child Hospital located in District #15 of Kabul was constructed and equipped through a USD5.4 million donation from the United Arab Emirates. The hospital will serve as a tertiary care resource for approximately 5 million Kabul city residents and as a referral resource for Afghanistan’s provinces. The hospital’s scope of services will include maternal health, pediatric health, diagnostics, and other auxiliary services such as a blood bank, ambulance, and mortuary. The hospital will also house social services.


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