Power of Attorney

Death Certificate (No Objection Letter)

The Embassy of Afghanistan in London will provide a no objection letter for the transportation of the deceased body of any Afghan Nationals as on when required basis. 

How to Apply

  • In Person
  • By Post
  • By email

What documents you need to apply

  1. Death Certificate from Local UK Council
  2. Passport /ID Copy of the demised person.


  • Free of charge

Processing Time

  • Same Day

Contact Us

  • Email -poa@afghanistanembassy.org.uk
  • Tel: 02075844443
  1. POA for Property (Selling, Buying, Mortgage or etc)
  2. POA for Marriage Certificate
  3. POA for Business Relations
  4. Termination of Power of Attorney
  5. Inheritance Letter
  6. Death Certificate
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