Kabul New City

Investing in Kabul New City


The site for Kabul New City includes the plateaus of Dehsabz, Barikab, and other areas between Kabul City’s International Airport (Hamid Karzai International Airport) and Bagram Airbase. It has a total area of 740 km2of controlled urbanization zone with nearly 440 km2in developable lands. The city is planned to be developed over two 15 yearly stages.

KNC project will resolve population density crisis in the capital by developing approx. 600,000 housing units for around 3 million people.

Job creation will be huge, with some estimates showing about 1.2 million employment opportunities creation both in public and private sectors.

Investments in KNC are guided under an enabling public-private partnership (PPP) arrangements between the public and private sectors. DCDA as the executive body will act as “One Stop Shop” to all potential investors interested to invest in the Kabul New City (KNC) development.

Some of the major investment areas in KNC:


1- Development of Land Parcels

  • Development of Parcels on Government Land
  • Development of Parcels on Private land
  • Development of Parcels in Partnership with Landowners

2- Development of Infrastructure

KNC requires a great deal of investments in infrastructure in any of the following area from the private sector:

  • Investment in road networks and transportation including Light Rail Transit (LRT), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Metro Network, etc.
  • Investment in sewerage and drainage networks
  • Investment in sewerage treatment plants
  • Investment in solid waste management including landfills and recycling
  • Investment in power generation and transmission including solar, wind, and biogas energy generating systems
  • Investment in telecommunication networks including fiber optic networks, Internet service providers (ISP), etc.
  • Investment in snow and rainwater management

3- Development of Industrial Zones

  • Dehsabz First Industrial Park
  • Dehsabz Second Industrial Park
  • Dehsabz Third Industrial Park
  • Barikab Industrial Park

4- Development of Agriculture Economic Zones

5- Development of Public Facilities

  • Multifunctional Medical Complexes
  • Higher Education Villages
  • Information and Communication Technology Villages
  • Vocational Training Complexes and many more

6- Development of Recreational Facilities

  • KNC Central Park (13 km2 area)
  • Green Parks
  • Museums
  • Touristic Areas
  • Hotel and Restaurants
  • Family Picnic Areas
  • Central Lake Development
  • Suspension Cable Cars for Tourists
  • Multifunctional Playgrounds on Safi Majestic Snowy Mountains

7- Development of Social Housing Units

8- Manufacturing Sector

9- Services Sector

  • Economic and Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Design and Planning Services
  • Surveys
  • Banking and Financing Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Training and Capacity Development Services
  • Other Construction Related Services

10- Trading Sector



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