Our homeland, Afghanistan, is currently facing grave challenges regarding various environmental issues including urban air pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, liquid and solid waste management, etc.

To overcome these issues, there is an urgent need for the development and application of innovative solutions and approaches. Therefore, the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) has the honour of creating a platform for volunteer mobilization of locally based experts as well as the expertise of Afghanistan’s diaspora in the field of environment. To this end, we graciously invite you to join our network of environmental experts at NEPA. As a member of this expert network, we would ask your input and advice on our diverse portfolio of programs, and to volunteer your time by sharing your knowledge and expertise regarding environmental issues in Afghanistan.

To join the Mobilize for Environment network of experts, please get in touch with us by the following means of communication:

Email address: m4e@nepa.gov.af
Facebook Group link:
Phone number: +93 744831457
Link for registration:
WhatsApp group link: